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Recon Report
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Back from Recon

Important transmission:
To all combat stations We have new intel about Berserker Games, We are still working on our product and with some set backs due to things out of our control we are back and working hard to get it released. We have the last of the art work for covers in and  last minute corrections are been made.
So hopefully our first product is looking good for reslease either late this year or early next year.
The website is not been updated and is due to be removed from the web shortly. We are going to be using tripod as our main website.
The team at Berserker Games thank you all for waiting and the wait is worth it.
May Recon Report:
This month has been relatively quiet for the Berserker Games team, with Mal overseas and the other team members sidetracked with other tasks. Bill has now completed the histories for 28 African countries for the 'Hotspots' sourcebook. Only 26 to go! Hang in there Bill! He has also begun writing the first mission of "Level Builder 4", catering to a slightly different approach to the game.
The new site is improving and Richard hopes to launch the new look template in the near future. For those who have not yet seen the covers to the rule books and the first two modules, they are on display at both this site and our new site,
Feel free to drop us a line at any time and we will happily chat, give advice or answer questions you might have about our game. See you on the battlefield!
April Recon Report:
April has come and gone and we continue to inch closer to production. Interior artwork and photography are virtually complete, with Jamahl Pollard and Chris Martinez putting the final touches in place. Bill continues to shuffle through the histories of Africa's nations as he writes the "World Hotspots" book. To keep his sanity in such a research-intensive project he has begun to pen some ideas for a new "Level Builder" three-mission module. It is designed to cater for first and second level soldiers.
Another battle report made its way across our desk that is noteworthy. One soldier, who we will refer to only as 'Soldier S', earned the Star of Courage medal for his efforts in Angola. The team had been sent to deal with a rebel artillery unit and were redirected after completing the task to assist another MCRC team. Enemy strength was significant and in the battle that followed one team member was killed. Several team members earned the Military Medal, while 'Soldier S' single-handedly took out over a dozen enemy soldiers!
Richard is still working on the new template for the  site and hopes to have it replacing the current format soon. Mal is soon about to travel to Egypt, France, South Africa and the United States on a mixture of business and pleasure. We wish we all could just pack up and take off like that! He should return with some good information for the Global Combat System game.
March Recon Report:
Stage one of the new site is up and running! Over the next couple of weeks we will add more pages to complete stage two of the site transfer. Many thanks to Chalky! Stage three will take a little longer as the guys test out a few things on the new template.
Battle reports are the main feature this month. One group in South Australia had this to say about their recent arrival in Angola...
"We were driving into the mountains along a poorly maintained road. Our destination was the MCRC base in the city of Huambo, a trouble-torn region of the former Portuguese colony. Our civilian driver swerved to avoid some debris on the road and the next thing we knew, the rear of the truck was lifted into the air by the force of an exploding landmine! One of the team members was thrown violently from the truck sustaining terrible injuries. He would have died if it wasn't for the bravery of our medic. In total disregard for his own safety our new medic, Satnaq Levart, ran through the minefield so that he could provide life-saving medical help. He was awarded the Saviour's Cross for his effort."
Another group spent time in Bosnia/Herzegovina recently. They were given the task of capturing Serbian artillery positions after being flown in from Myanmar (Burma). The team was weakened after having participated in a massive battle to secure a town on the outskirts of Myanmar's capital. Several veteran soldiers were recovering from wounds and fresh troops had to replace them. The battle to capture the guns led to early casualties. The team's Papua New Guinean Medic saved one of two mortally wounded comrades.
Bill has finished the detailed weapon lists for all of the African nations and has completed several more historical overviews. The team has edited several more modules and the cover of our first module is now on display at our "Our Games" page.
Finally, if you have any ideas for a survey or quiz that you would like to see included on our new site, feel free to drop us a line with your suggestions!
February Recon Report:
Things have been a little haphazard this month. Richard nearly has the new website ready, with some help from Mal. Before the end of the month they assure us all that the new site will be up and running. It promises to be fantastic!
Bill has done as promised and finished the third "Level Builder" series. He is bogged down now writing and researching the first 'Companion Book' to the Battle Leader's Handbook. So far he has completed the climatic and economic data for all of the countries in Africa, as well as brief historical overviews for half a dozen countries. Still to come are detailed weapon lists for each country, in-depth recent histories and descriptions of opposing factions in each strife-torn nation.
Next month should see us publish our first recon report on the new site. We will also post for a final time on this site next month before completely switching over. Until then, see you on the battlefield!
January Recon Report:
Have we been busy in the last month? You bet we have! Bill has shaken off writer's block (more like throttled it to death!) and has completed written mission material for the first 70 missions, as well as completing the eighth "Level Builder" mission. In the coming month he plans to finish the ninth "Level Builder" mission before starting research on companion books to the "Battle Leader's Handbook". The companion books will cover the world trouble spots continent by continent, starting with Africa. Battle Leaders wanting to design missions of their own will find them ideal as a reference for misson background material.
Malcolm has taken a number of photographs to replace undesirable ones already in the rulebooks. Jamahl has completed some more ink sketch artfor use in the rulebooks and modules. The team had banded together to revise the rulebooks and decided a few gaps needed to be filled and a couple of photographs needed to be replaced with art.
This month sees Richard Stonyer, an old gaming buddy of the team, move over with a desire to join the crew. Sadly though, Bill is moving interstate for the next two years. However he doesn't intend to stop writing! We hope you all had a safe Christmas and an enjoyable New Year's celebration!
December Recon Report:
As promised, this month is dedicated to Battle Reports that we have received. To start with we travel to Honduras where one team had been sent to sabotage an artillery ammunition factory. The team departed Nicaragua in Zodiac boats and travelled down river to the Caribbean Sea. Before getting that far the team encountered a Honduran patrol boat menacing them with a .50 calibre machinegun. Anti-armour weapons dealt with the boat before it could cause much harm. From there they made their way up the coast of Honduras before slipping up another river until they reached the destination town under cover of darkness. Avoiding Honduran soldiers the team managed to find the ammunition factory and gained access through an emergency exit. Using stealth the team discovered dozens of civilians working in the factory and two guards at the main entrance to the building.
In an act of madness the team tried unsuccessfully to overpower the guards and the resulting gunshots alerted Honduran soldiers outside. The team set explosives in critical areas of the factory and ushered the civilians out the front door. The aim was to create confusion as they escaped through the emergency exit they came in by. The Hondurans had troops waiting and a running gun battle claimed the life of one MCRC soldier. Several others were badly wounded as they ran back to the Zodiacs. The explosives detonated prematurely and the force of the explosion was much larger than anticipated. Not only did two more team members die in the explosion, but dozens of Honduran soldiers were killed and hundreds of civilians as well. Dragging the bodies of their comrades to the boats the team motored away before the sun rose and made it safely back to Nicaraguan waters.

The South African play-testers were in Lebanon among other places and had a task to find a Stinger missile stockpile in Beirut. Some of the team had new firepower and the team was keen for the task. After being delivered close to the suspected compound the team observed guards in a tower. Terry Du Plooy and Ruetgar Rommel, the snipers in the team, dispatch the guards with careful well-aimed shots and occupied the tower. Four members of the team with silenced weapons were designated as the entry team, while the remaining soldiers covered a guard building outside. The team cut through the fence and enter the building through a window. Almost immediately the mission was put at risk when a terrorist stumbled across the team. Luckily the team reacted quickly and silenced the man before he could issue a warning. The team entered a warehouse and were confronted by armed men. A battle broke out, alerting the other terrorists inside the building. The guards outside released guard dogs and the team members outside partnered up with the snipers to not only kill the guards but take care of the vicious dogs as well. Inside the team had more enemies to deal with but managed to control the situation suffering only minor wounds. Tossing grenades into another room the team cleared the last resistance in the building and found the Stingers. Getting out of the country saw the team having to swim out to sea to meet up with Zodiac boats. The effort was too much for the team signaller who lost nearly all of his equipment. Once aboard the team is rested before being deployed to Panama.

"Diary from an unnamed soldier. We were given the task of eliminating a Spaniard hiding on the island of Mallorca. We were flown in at night by helicopter and inserted on the eastern side of the island. What followed was a long march under cover of darkness until we found a town. We waited until daybreak and one of the other guys volunteered to go into town to buy some local clothing and rent a vehicle. Our uniforms would draw too much attention and my commander, a French Sergeant that I do not trust, insisted that we remain as anonymous as possible. It took some time but eventually we got what we needed and made our way to Palma. We had some good intelligence information on where this man might be and I was assigned the task of watching the front of a chemist's store. Our target needed medication for some kind of disease. It wasnt until the next day that the target was seen and secretly followed by two other members of my team. The target (I cant bring myself to write his name) was living in a pleasant country estate out of Palma. The Sergeant recalled everyone from our tasks and we planned the assassination. We hadnt been told that we were waiting for an American ex-soldier to arrive as well but that's what we did. During the couple of days we had the house under surveillance some women arrived and stayed at the house. I think they were maids. When the American did arrive we launched the attack. I was surprised how quickly our targets responded and the American had heavy firepower! We concentrated on eliminating him first. Once that machinegun was silent we stormed the building and took care of the Spaniard. A couple of our guys were wounded and had to be attended to. I followed the Sergeant down a hallway and one of the women stepped out crying. I couldnt believe what happened next. The Sergeant murdered her in cold blood! He ordered me to find the other woman and eliminate her as well. I found her a few minutes later hiding. Speaking Spanish I told her to stay hidden and that I would tell the others I had killed her. I couldn't murder this poor woman, she had done nothing wrong. I fired a shot into the floor and reported back that the task was done. We left the building as a fire started to take a hold of it and fled north to our extraction point. I told Corporal Damage what I had witnessed and he went berserker at the Sergeant! I thought the two of them were going to kill each other! Since we left the island Corporal Damage has been very quiet. I think he might resign from the organisation and if he's gone Im not staying to work with the Frenchman."

In other news briefly, Bill has completed two missions of the second level builder series and has now completed a total of 62 regular missions. All of the interior colour illustrations are now complete, thanks to Jamahl. Malcolm has confirmed our printing deal and will be concentrating on getting the new web site launched. Stay tuned for more exciting info! If you would like to ask questions about the game or have battle reports that you would like us to publish, feel free to send them to us through our "Contact Us" page. See you on the battlefield!