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Q. Can I read out any information that is not boxed text?

A. Yes, any information written in black text can be read out to the players. Just read it through to yourself first to make sure you're not giving anything away.

Q. Do I control an entire army during the game?

A. No, a player controls between one to five soldiers, depending on how many people are playing the game.

Q. Why can't I take weapons or equipment from the bodies of enemies we defeat in battle?
A. Because all weapons and equipment found greatly aid MCRC Intelligence in building up an accurate picture of what the enemy are doing and capable of, just like the real military who are not allowed to souvenir weapons! 
Q. Can I use two pistols or submachine guns at once, one in either hand?
A. Yes you can, though when the magazine for one or both of the weapons run out, or if the weapon has some kind of problem, you can not fix the fault unless both hands are free.