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What is the Global Combat System? It is a world of excitement and danger at every turn as you fight for the Multinational Conflict Response Committee (MCRC).

The Global Combat System is a modern military role playing game. It is a squad-based game of 9-10 soldiers in a team. It needs a Battle Leader who controls the game, and between one to five players who each control at least one soldier. The Battle Leader not only controls the enemies the team encounter, but also 2-4 soldiers completing the team, including the team leader Corporal Max Damage. To play requires the two rulebooks, a module containing missions and a set of dice.

How did the MCRC come to exist and what is it? By mid 1999 the United Nations were starting to lose control of the world peacekeeping and humanitarian aid programs. The UN was slipping into serious financial trouble, owing nations like Bangladesh, India and Nigeria many millions of dollars. It was the first step in the decline of the UN. Countries that had traditionally supplied large numbers of troops, like Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, refused to commit troops until the massive debts had been paid.

This put a huge burden on Western nations and shortfalls in troop numbers throughout world trouble spots led to a scaling down of operations and eventually ceasing operations altogether. The collapse of the UN soon followed after massive corruption scandals were uncovered.

After a short period of bloody anarchy a new organisation came into existance, the MCRC. Member nations each must supply 10% of their armed forces to the MCRC. These soldiers are then sent anywhere around the world to help end wars and conflicts. A team can comprise soldiers from any member nation making even the smallest element of the MCRC multinational.

Soldiers can buy modern weapons, body armour, equipment and vehicles during the game. As a soldier survives battles, he or she becomes better equipped to fight and abilities improve. There are many different types of soldier to choose from, such as a Sniper, Medic, Special Forces, Engineer, Pilot, Mechanic and more. Each soldier can be made more unique by selecting military skills from a list of courses. These include Languages, Unarmed Combat, Aircraft Recognition, Survival, Free Fall Sky Diving and many others.

Each soldier begins the game as a raw recruit sent to bolster MCRC numbers. In the first module these recruits are sent to Nigeria. Here they will undergo a series of missions calling upon the skills of the team to unite, fight and survive.



GCS1 Battle Leaders Handbook (Coming Soon)


GCS2 Soldier's Combat Guide (Coming Soon)


M1 Module 1 Nigeria: The Mission Begins (Coming Soon)
M2 Module 2 Lebanon: Land of Trouble (Coming Soon)